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Meet Our Team Hsu


Full-time lab rat and financial officer, I enjoy running Western Blots in the dark of the night. Currently a 2nd year majoring in Biological Sciences with minors in Molecular Engineering and Visual Arts, I hope to one day start an “innovative”, “consumer based” “biotech “startup” that will “disrupt” the status quo. Outside of class I’m is an avid marathon runner and skier.

















Mansi Chandra


Full-time worker and team secretary. I joined iGEM to realize my dream of constructing a Jurassic Park, dare I say Jurassic World. I believe the future of genetic engineering lies in recreating a world in which majestic dinosaurs roam free. This is why I trained my skills over the summer as jack of all trades from pouring plates, designing primers, running with gels, and making best friends with western blots. 2nd year, pre(historic)-med, double major in biology and future Alan Grant. Badminton, and watching Bollywood films is what I do when I’m not in lab or envisioning a giant lizard-like future.



















Kevin Yang


 3rd year planning to major in Biology and possibly Biochemistry. I’ve been involved with the UChicago iGEM team since my first year of college, as a part-time member working directly in the lab last summer and as a senior advisor to the team this summer, mainly helping with experimental design, project planning, and general logistics. As much work as iGEM can be sometimes, I really do enjoy the unparalleled intellectual independence and freedom that it allows for. The UChicago project this year is ironic for me due to my own kind of irregular circadian rhythms- just try searching "UChicago all nighter" on Google Images. My hometown is Folsom, California, my favorite food is sashimi, and my hobbies are sleeping (naturally) and playing the piano.












2nd year biology major at the University of Chicago. He hail from the far off lands of Miami, Florida and is a part-time researcher with UChicago's iGEM team. Shiva chose iGEM because it was more than just a place where his pipetting and culturing wizardry could be put on display; it was a group that had interesting research. Shiva is an avid consumer of television (M*A*S*H, the West Wing, and Seinfeld are particular favorites), enjoys generally being outside, and likes to blast music loudly.















Annie Zhang

4th year biology major and statistics minor at UChicago. I come from Hong Kong, the land of amazing food and culture. This is my third year participating in iGEM, and as a senior member of the UChicago team, I served as an undergrad advisor and helped plan the project, getting funding and troubleshooting. 




















Morgan Pantuck 3rd year Biology major/pre-med student minoring in Molecular Engineering from Los Angeles, CA. She has been a member of the UChicago iGEM team and the External Communications Manager since Spring of 2015.























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