Sharing useful advices with other iGEM Teams!

Technische Universität Darmstadt iGEM Team (TU_Darmstadt)

Thomas, Laurin and Fabian from 2015 Tu_Darmstadt iGEM Team came and spent a few days with us in Trento. They visited our lab, we had lunch together and we shared our summer results. They brought us a cowbell as a souvenir from the ETH iGEM Team, which is now hanging in our iGEM room, next to our brainstorming poster.

Testing the LabSurfing Platform

They asked us to test their “LabSurfing” platform. It is a social network for iGEMers, which allows the iGEM community to keep in touch and to ask for an available free “couch” when travelling around the world. We tested their platform both as a team and as individual users. We went through the test cases, including the creation of a profile and searching for other users in the different places of interest. We gave our feedback on the software, sharing opinions and suggestions with the TU_Darmstadt iGEM team.

Thanks guys for the visit, it was a pleasure to help you to testing your software... See you in Boston!

University of Kent

In September Anna from the Kent iGEM team came to visit us. She showed us Kent wiki page still under construction. With pleasure we gave her several tips to make the wiki more appropriate. We also contributed to their Human Practices, filling out their questionnaire about energy. It was very interesting to see the correlation between the topics discussed by our two teams.