Electron production with
E. coli and Proteorhodopsin

We are the UNITN-Trento iGEM team 2015 and here is our wonderful idea to change the way people think about Microbial Fuel Cells. We attempted to improve the MFC platform by exploiting the power of the sun and the versatility of Escherichia coli, so we added new interesting features to build a “Solar pMFC”. We presented our work in Boston at the iGEM Giant Jamboree and our work was nominated among the three top energy projects worldwide. Check out our wiki page to learn more!


Gold medal

We were awarded with the iGEM Gold Medal, for successfully satisfying the medal criteria

Nomination: Best Energy Project

We were among the three teams nominated for the Best energy project Award!

Nomination: Best Innovation in Measurement Award

we were nominated for the Best Innovation in Measurement (undergraduate) Award!

7 new BioBricks

We built 7 new BioBricks. Check out our Parts page to know more!

Improved 1 Part

Something existing, reshaped better. Proteorhodopsin works better now!

Measurements Interlab Study

We are participating also to the Measurements Interlab Study. Check out our progress in the Interlab Section!