Team:Valencia UPV/Collaborations

Valencia UPV iGEM 2015


  • Norwich
  • We are participating along with the NRP-EUA-Norwich team and Cambridge team, which also are working on plants in the Plant Workshop about PLant Synthetic Biology at the Giant Jamboree.

    The NRP-EUA-Norwich team send us the MoClo Flipper Constructs designed by the 2014 NRP-UEA (BBa_K1467100, BBa_K1467100, BBa_K1467200, BBa_K 1467300 and BBa_K1467400). Thanks to these plasmids we were able to convert easily our GoldenBraid parts to BioBricks. In addition, we improve the characterization of this parts. Finally, they sent us four parts tagged with YFP (BBa_K1618029, BBa_K1618030, BBa_K1618031 and BBa_K16118032). They are acyltranferases candidates with the aim to acylate starch fused to YFP, that makes them an expression construct

    We transformed their parts into Agrobacterium tumefaciens. After two days we make a subculture. Next day we infiltrated Nicotiana benthamiana leaves; after four days we took samples and imaged them on a confocal microscope. We observed them localized in the cloroplasts as expected.

    Figure1. YFP tagged constructions imaged on a confocal microscope A) MAA part with YFP tag-BBa_K1618029, B) RV3034c th YFP tag - BBa_K1618031, C) RV3037c with YFP tag - BBa_K1618032, D) RV3030 part with YFP tag - BBa_K1618030

    Moreover, we sent them a recombinase Bxb1 lligated with its reporter and GFP and the reporter with GFP as negative control, P35S:bxb1:T35S-P35S-attB:T35S:attP:ΩUTR-GFP:T35S

  • Tübingen
  • Tübingen 2015 iGEM team’s project uses Dronpa as a luminescent biomarker. Thanks to the power of Skype, we shared knowledge on the development of the mathematical model that represented Dronpa’s behavior. Further more, we passed them our project model to show them how we used Dronpa.

  • Trinity
  • Trinity College Dublin iGEM team decided to create a youtube channel (iGEM Academy) for the diffusion of videos created by other teams with the purpose of introducing new people into synthetic biology and the iGEM competition. We sent them our own video that showed what is a regular day working in an iGEM project. Follow this link to watch it.

  • Amoy
  • For a second year, the iGEM team Amoy, Paris_Bettencourt and Pasteur_Paris, offered participation in the composition of their Newsletter. We happily accepted and sent several articles for a couple editions.

  • Stockholm
  • The Stockholm 2015 iGEM team evaluated the professionalism on showing any type of results (good or bad) and making a clear distinction between ideas and obtained results. They set up a survey for evaluation of such aspects. We participated in such survey as we consider that negative results have to be reflected always. As for the part of being to distinguish separately ideas from results, (a consultar).

  • Tianjin
  • The Tianjin 2015 iGEM team passed out a survey for evaluation of the involvement of the education center in their iGEM teams. We responded their survey talking on how our university presented to us the opportunity to participate in such incredible project and how it supported us with its development.

  • Paris-Saclay
  • The Paris-Saclay iGEM team has focused his 2015 iGEM project on biosafety by focusing on creating a universal Biobrick acting as a safeguard against accidental (or not) release of GEO. We answered their global survey about our chassis and the biosafety measures we have considered for our project in the case it was released to the environment and when handling our chassis.

    We hope that our answers have helped them in the development of their project.

  • Nankai
  • The 2015 iGEM Nankai Team decided this year to develop an information-sharing platform that will converge all information of iGEM China members. Through this platform they unify all required information needed to reproduce iGEM projects, besides the biobricks. They decided to advertise their platform through a video and sending questionnaires to other iGEM teams. We were one of the lucky teams to answer their questionnaire, and we showed our support for the creation of such platform.

  • NEFU_China
  • NEFU_China 2015 iGEM set up a survey for evaluation of the current service that the iGEM wiki system offers. We delightly participated in their study by filling in the survey, as like many other teams, wiki development is a hard process that can’t be carried by just one member and that servers could be optimized for better performance. We hope that our successors will use their Flight iGEM platform for easier wiki development.


  • Emxys
  • Emxys is a research and development company in embedded instruments, data acquisition and control systems. We contacted with them at the birth of our team as we considered ideas involving outer space and beyond. The idea of packaging information in a smaller platform was appealing to them. From their point of view is much more interesting to transmit in our seed platform the information required for the production of bioplastics or biofuels, especially methane, but also saw interesting relating it with medical drugs.

  • Farmamundi
  • Farmamundi is a pharmaceutical NGO located in the village of Paterna with the objective of ensuring the universal health right through humanitarian actions supporting vulnerable groups of populations in poverty countries and awareness campaigns in our social environment. We established a meeting with their chief pharmaceutic asking about the most needed medical drugs.