Wet Lab

uOttawa's 2015 project is based on the project from 2014. Thanks to the entire 2014 team for all the hard work.

The wet lab team consisted of Martin Hanzel, Ashna Parbhakar, Erin Nguyen, Valerie Desjardins, and Alex Ross. All members helped design and build our DNA constructs. Martin Hanzel was reponsible for collecting data by flow cytometry, and creating biobricks.

Much of our work is based on years of research by graduate students in Mads Kaern's lab. In particular, Ian Roney constructed a large library of strains that serve as a scaffold for DNA assembly and transformation. We'd like to thank all of the grad students: Ian Ronay, Hilary Phenix, Nada Elnour, and Vaibhav Gupta for their infinite wisdom and support.

Many thanks go to Mila Tepliakova, our lab technician, who helped train new members and always kept the lab stocked and tidy.

Lastly, we'd like to recognize our supervisor, Mads Kaern, who generously provides lab space and the resources we need to participate in iGEM year after year.

Dry Lab

Joey Irani and Danny Salem helped the 2015 uOttawa team with mathematical models. We also received assistance from the Waterloo iGEM team.

The wiki was designed and written by Martin Hanzel.


As the director of Policy and Practices, Marina Kidisyuk wrote the iGEM-Specific Guideline on Fair Use of Genetic Material and lead a team of business and arts students in outreach activities. We would like to thank Kateland Simmons, Carl Farah, Rebecca McCormick, Jeremy Ireland, Adam Lebel, Vanessa Ness, and Katelyn Galla for contributing.