iGEM 2015 Committees

iGEM is increasing in size and complexity every year. With these changes come increased load on the management of the competition and the requirement to have more people involved. To this end, we have created committees to help run the new tracks and to assist in creating materials for the judges and for the teams to help understand judging.

New Track Committees

We have several new tracks in iGEM in 2015. We have committees for each of the new tracks to help manage several aspects of these new tracks. The main roles of the new tracks are to:

  • Recruit teams for the 2015 iGEM season
  • Update and administer the new track pages
  • Create educational materials for the judges

Executive Judging Committee

The main role of the executive judging committee is to ensure the judging runs smoothly during the season. This main roles of this committee are (but not limited to):

  • Updating the medal requirements
  • Updating the evaluation rubric

Judging Advisory Committee

We have many years of collective memory and experience amongst the judging advisers. We can draw upon this institutional memory when we need wisdom and insight on how to conduct judging affairs. This committee is composed of long-time judges and iGEM advisers and is tasked with giving advice and direction when significant decisions are required.

Responsible Conduct Committee

The role of this committee is to ensure responsible conduct on the part of all iGEM participants and to address issues of inappropriate behavior in iGEM. If there are instances of our values not being respected, the RCC will be tasked with conducting an investigation. You can lean more about the RCC on the Responsible conduct page.