There are two types of fees that iGEM teams are responsible for during the course of the season: Team Registration Fee and Jamboree Attendance Fee. ?

Team Registration Fee

The team registration fee for iGEM 2015 is $4000 USD.

Each team pays one registration fee, has one presentation at the Jamboree, one poster, and is eligible for one set of prizes. The team registration fee is the participation fee to take part in the iGEM competition and includes associated materials and support. Every team must pay the same fee regardless of section, track, region, etc. The funds are used for the support and development of the iGEM competition and other iGEM Foundation programs.

Step 1: To register a team, proceed to the iGEM 2015 Team Registration page.

Step 2: To pay your team registration fee, see the Team Registration Fee page.

  • Regular Registration: March 31 at 11:59 PM EDT
  • Late Registration: May 1 at 11:59 PM EDT ($500 late fee after March 31, 2015)

Multiple Team Discount: Is your school fielding more than one iGEM team? Want to have an Art & Design team, a Software team, and an Environment team? Register the first team at the regular price and get $1000 off each additional team. See the Team Registration Fee page for details.

Jamboree Attendance Fee

The Jamboree attendance fee for the iGEM 2015 Giant Jamboree is $695 per team attendee.

  • Jamboree Registration opens: June 01
  • Jamboree Registration closes: July 31

For more details and to register and pay to attend the Giant Jamboree, see the Jamboree Attendance Fee page.