iGEM Bielefeld 2015


Why we deserve a gold medal


Development of a new cell-free assay named Plasmid Repressor Interaction Assay (PRIA).
Establishment of a Cell-Free Protein Synthesis (CFPS) system for the iGEM community.
Our CFPS System works perfectly on paper and is long-term storable.
Demonstration of the paper-based CFPS´ extensibility for several biosensors.
Construction of a new biosensor for the detection of date rape drugs.
Design and construction of a new biosensor for heavy metals (copper).
Characterization of multiple biosensors for heavy metals.
Development and implementation of a model for CFPS.
Starting the dual use debate in iGEM including suggestions for new guidelines and discussing the dual use topic on the example of “date rape drugs”.
Programming of an app to quantify fluorescence in pictures generated by our novel filter combination.
Providing a 3D printed black case for fluorescence evaluation.
We build a fully functional device combining CFPS, biosensors, our black case and the app.

Bronze medal criteria

Register the team and attend the Giant Jamboree.
Submit the judging form.
Create a page on our team wiki with clear attribution to each aspect of our project.
Plan to present a Poster and Talk at the iGEM Jamboree.
Create new standard BioBrick Parts or Device(s) central to our project and submit them to the Parts Registry: BBa_K1758377.
Create and share a description of the team's project and document the team's parts.

Silver medal criteria

We conducted several human practices projects, which among other things also include a Dual Use essay and dealing with biosafety questions.
Creation of new BioBricks of our own design and construction which work as expected: BBa_K1758122, BBa_K1758324, BBa_K1758361.

Gold medal criteria

Help another team.
Integration of our human practices projects into our own project especially with the topic date rape drugs.
Establishment of a functional prototype of our biosensors.
Improvement of several BioBricks, such as BBa_K1758102 and BBa_K1758313.