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P4= Protein Products Pichia Plants

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Cannabinoids and opiates are widely used classes of pharmaceuticals; unfortunately, these drugs have strong psychoactive effects or can be addictive. Our project consists of two ideas, both revolving around utilizing bioengineered microorganisms to create non-psychoactive cannabinoids and non-addictive analgesics. To achieve this we developed two projects: (1) Manufacturing a protein expression system to produce CBDA synthase in tobacco plants using agrobacterium, (2) Engineering the pGAPα vector system to express the mambalgin in Pichia Pastoris as a continuation of the 2014 GSU iGEM project. Simultaneously, we developed a proof of concept using horseradish peroxidase. By the end of this project we hope to have produced a synthetic biological system to manufacture pharmaceutical alternatives for patients that suffer from diseases such as epilepsy, cancer, or chronic severe pain.


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