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Public Engagement

Expected at the end of september

Our interview with Jo De Wachter! Their rationale for interviewing us was:
"In order to increase the visibility of our international research projects and the connection with our Master programs on the website of the Faculty of Science, we have created a new communication and outreach plan. In this plan, designed by vice-Dean Conny Aerts, several new actions and activities are being developed. One of the important aspects of this plan is the international reach of our educational programs and research projects, as displayed on our websites. We have concluded that narratives (attractive personal stories) of students, researchers and principal investigators of a research team, are the best way to attract more attention to our websites in order to boost international recruitment of motivated and talented international Master students."

Do you approve synthetic 
                biology in general

Our interview with the KU Leuven faculty of science public relations. Click to enlarge open in new tab.

Social media

We have kept the public up to date using our Twitter and Facebook profile. Posts were made continuously throughout the summer.



Media close to KU Leuven

Glass display in the Arenberg library

Glass display in the Arenberg library

iGEM Glass display in the Arenberg library. Click to enlarge

A display with the history of KU Leuven iGEM is put in the Campuslibrary Arenberg (Willem de Croylaan 6 - 3001 Heverlee). This is the library of KU Leuven for exact sciences, engineering sciences, industrial engineering sciences, bio-engineering sciences, architecture and kinesiology and rehabilitation sciences. Our display includes pictures of the iGEM teams and the prices won and is visible when entering the library.

Bringing science closer to the people

One of our main goals was to bring science closer to the people. For this purpose, we have written a text for family, friends and people on Facebook and Twitter in their mother language (NL or EN) to spread the word. You can find this text here.


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