Team:KU Leuven/Collaborations


International synthetic biology symposium

We hosted an international symposium with home speakers, invited keynote speakers from both academia and industry as well as four neighbouring iGEM teams. A debate about the risks, the regulation and the ethics connected to synthetic biology, free food and more were part of the symposium. Go to our symposium page to find out what we did exactly.

The Toulouse model

During the meetup with the iGEM team of Toulouse where we exchanged experience, we decided on a mutual cooperation concerning the modeling of our circuits. The Toulouse team made a Flux Balance Analysis for us to see the effect of the system on the total metabolism of the cell. You can find the model of Toulouse and our interpretation of the results in our modeling section. We also made a model for the Toulouse team. Here, we calculated the diffusion of both produced molecules formic and butyric acid to learn more about the effect on the Varroa destructor in the direct environment of the hive. After simulating their set up, we were able to suggest an improvement to the design of their trap. It currently includes a small tube which impedes the diffusion of the two molecules into the hive. Removing or shortening the tube could improve their design. You can find our model on the Toulouse wiki.

York water samples

We sent water samples from the Dijle river and the water we collected from a normal tap inside our building for a comparison study to the York iGEM team. According to their requirements, we filtered both the samples using a 0.22 μm filter, measured the pH and then mailed the 10 Falcon-tubes with the samples to York. We hope the samples served the York team well.

The Aix-Marseille survey

We gathered information with iGEM Aix-Marseille's on chewing gum consumption, production and removal in Belgium. In return we earned the participation badge shown above.

The French iGEM meetup

We took part in the French iGEM meetup organized by the Bordeaux iGEM team. There we got to know the French iGEM teams. We presented our project in the Cap Sciences convention centre. Afterwards everyone shared lab experience and the group talked about problems we have had in the lab and discussed possible solutions. Additionally we discussed the BioBrick creation and submission. We really appreciate the hospitality and friendliness of the Bordeaux team members. We where picked up from the airport and even invited to have dinner after the meetup. We want to thank the Bordeaux team for this very nice weekend.

The Edmonton call

We talked to iGEM Edmonton through Skype about our iGEM experience. They want to make a guidebook for future iGEM teams which deals with any problems iGEM teams can face throughout the competition, for example problems that involved lab work, project design, team dynamics, etc. The book will also provide solutions to those problems. The Edmonton team wanted to have an interview with all the members of the New Applications track, so this can be the first ever total track collaboration.


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