To tackle malnutrition and overconsumption of food represent one of the major challenges of humankind. The iGEM Team Marburg addresses these issues in a holistic approach by developing modular tools. Engineered, cell-based particles produce dietary supplements to alleviate malnutrition. A cell-free protein matrix with a functionalized surface targets specific nutrients to lower their concentration in the human gut. Furthermore, we engineer a contact-dependent delivery system that modifies the human gut microbial community. Taken together, we provide innovative solutions for improving and balancing nutrition at the interface of the human microbiome and gut.

We established minicells as a shuttle and production system as well as designed a modular device that makes bacteria minicell producers.

We built a potentially cell free biofilm matrix that can be functionalized to serve customized purposes.

We characterized promotors in different hosts with various methods to get the best-studied BioBrick.

We built a system to establish a niche to modify the human gut microbiome by inhibiting growth of proteobacteria.

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