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how does it work?

This summer we designed Magthermo coli——a platform for remote regulation of gene expression by electromagnetic signal.

step 1

Our Magthermo coli contains 2 core components: Magnetic Receiver & Thermosensitive Regulator.

step 2

Inducing with electromagnetic field, magnetic receiver will heat, raising the ambient temperature.

step 3

In response to the change of temperature, thermosensitive regulator will initiate downstream gene (GFP for example) expression.

Magnetic Receiver

For magnetic receiver,we chose Ferritin, the iron-storage protein in many organisms, which could synthesize ferric oxihydroxide core in its hollow protein shell. When exposed to electromagnetic field, the ferric oxihydroxide core will heat, raising the ambient temperature.

In this section, we explored measurement techniques for the valuation of magnetism, biomineralization and protein concentration per cell.

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Thermosensitive Regulator

For thermosensitive regulator,we chose RNA thermometer and designed a thermosensitive T7 RNA polymerase.

RNA thermometer is a structured RNA which can expose SD sequences only at appropriate temperature. In this section, we explored the measurement method to identify the efficiency of thermosensitive regulator under heat stress.

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Thermosensitive T7 RNA polymerase is a T7 RNA polymerase interrupted by a temperature-sensitive intein, which can self-splice at specific temperature and initiate the downstream signal.

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