Meet our awesome team.

Meet our team

The team of Peking iGEM 2015, consisting of future scientists, doctors, an engineer, and an applied mathematician, has become a professional and passionate team over the past six months.

On this page, you can find the information about everybody who has contributed to the project. We would like to express our special gratitude to our instructors for their continuous support and encouragement. Furthermore, we would like to acknowledge our sponsors and all the others who provided valuable advices and essential materials to us. The following is our amazing team.




ZHANG Yihao, a former iGEMer of Peking 2013, is now leading the Peking iGEM team 2015. As an undergraduate from the College of Life Sciences, Yihao wants to devote all his passion and energy to the bio-entrepreneurship after his graduation next year.

Aye, aye, captain!


WEI Weijia

WEI Weijia is an undergraduate from Wuhan University, majoring in life sciences and biotechnology. Early in the project, he was responsible for information gathering, experiment design, and lab management; then he joint the group of PC reporter and exhibited excellent executive power.


LI Hang

LI Hang is an undergraduate from School of Physics, Peking University. He was responsible for designing and manufacturing the portable electronic device that convert optical signal into analogue electrical signal. Being enthusiastic about technology, he often plays the computer game FSX (Microsoft Flight Simulator) on PC. The most exciting part for him is to land a plane on the runway smoothly.



CHENG Sida, is a junior undergraduate from Peking University, majoring in Clinical Medicine. He took charge of Human Practice along with YE Yixuan and LIU Dongming and also worked in the wet lab to deal with laborious molecular cloning. He enjoys the wonderful moment fighting for the same goal with those lovely fellows. He enjoys cycling, photographing and studying historical geography.


LI Jiaofeng

LI Jiaofeng is a junior undergraduate from Peking University, majoring in Chemistry. Besides working as the financial manager of the team, she is also responsible for participating in the laborious molecular cloning. She really likes listening to music and thinks deeply about it. Her favorite quote was from Romain Rolland:"There is only one heroism in the world: to see the world as it is and to love it."


LI Xiang

LI Xiang is a junior majoring in College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering. He decided to take part in iGEM due to his great interest in system and synthetic biology. He was in charge of building another Mycobacterium tuberculosis-sensing system, including cloning and protein purification.


LIN Pingping

LIN Pingping is an undergraduate majoring in clinical medicine. Early in the project she took the task of molecular cloning, then she was in charge of testing the luminescence intensity of split firefly luciferase fused with CRISPR system together with WANG Beining. She also analyzed the experimental data. She extremely appreciated iGEM where she made friends with those who are interested in synthetic biology.


LIU Dongming

LIU Dongming is an undergraduate student majoring in clinical speciality. Unfortunately, he is just in his third year, remains a long time to be a surgeon. He helped to complete the plasmid construction and was responsible for the human practice. As our project aims to detect Mycobacterium tuberculosis, his medical background provides a clinical view .


LIU Wenchao

LIU Wenchao is a junior undergraduate from Peking University, majoring in Life Science. She was in charge of the molecular cloning of CRISPR gRNA as well as RNA scaffold together with XU Luze in the very beginning. Then she bravely take the task of protein purification. She enjoys ignoring the boundary of different subjects and considering science as a whole. She always dreams of understanding life and consciousness with mathematics or physics approaches.


WANG Beining

WANG Beining is a junior undergraduate from the school of Basic Medical Sciences; her ultimate aim is to be a research-based doctor. During the iGEM period, she first took the task of molecular cloning, then was responsible for the measurement and data collection with LIN Pingping (Golden Pair are they two!). She also loves music, movies and whodunits veeeeeeeeeery much!



WANG Yu is a junior undergraduate in pharmaceutical sciences. Participating in plasmid construction, protein purification, and wiki building, she likes to describe the iGEM as a communicable disease with the syndrome of over-passionate and Circadian Rhythm Disorders.


XU Luze

XU Luze is a junior undergraduate from Peking University, majoring in Mathematics. His main task is computation and modeling. He spent most of his time on the dry lab since July, but he still took an active part in the wet lab, for his illusion to be the winner of the FTBC (filling tip box competition).


YE Yixuan

YE Yixuan is a senior undergraduate in Peking University majoring in Public Health. She is also fascinated by Physics which is her second major. She was responsible for human practice and mathematical modeling. Reading is what she loves most.


ZHANG Xiaohan

ZHANG Xiaohan, Jessica, is a junior undergraduate from School of Basic Medical Sciences with a double major in economics. She was in charge of Conference of China iGEMer’s Committee and also helped in wiki designing and human practice.





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