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Bronze Medal

Team registration
Completed judging form
Team Wiki
Presented poster and talk at iGEM Jamboree
Attribute work done by students
Submitted 5 new parts to the registry: Bba_K1712000, Bba_K1712001, Bba_K1712003, Bba_K1712004, Bba_K1712005

Silver Medal

Characterized and submitted 5 fabi genes (4 new, 1 old) to the registry
Submitted 5 parts in appropriate pSB1C3 vector

Gold Medal

Our project was closely informed by our Policy & Practices
We demonstrated a functioning prototype in real world (waste water) conditions
We improved the function and characterization of BBa_K771303 by:
  • Codon optimizing
  • Characterizing its expression, activity, and triclosan inhibition, and
  • Adding useful information to provide biological relevance
Our part: BBa_K17120003