There are four groups in our team. Here are our photos.

Biology Group


Run-Ze Liu

Zi-Yu Wu

Li Zhi

Xi-Nan Chen

Ling-Yuan Ji


Liu Runze, is a junior in Physics, USTC. He has a lot of interests like reading, listening music and watching movies as well. Besides, he has a great interest in computer programming and team management. In USTC-Software team, he is the vice captain and he is responsible for Human Practice and Collaboration with USTC team. He is an out-goning guy and he's willing to make friends with others.

Steven is from Nanjing and his major is physics.He has great desire to explore a new field and iGEM enables him to meet different people. He likes playing handball and table tennis. With strong desire to do interdisciplinary study, he is willing to discuss with every iGEMer!

Zhi Li, or Nate, is currently a junior student from School for the Gifted Young (SCGY), USTC. He has many hobbies,especially music and reading, and sports like soccer as well. In this summer, he spent a lot time playing chess with others in the intervals of iGEM project. Besides, he is open-minded, helpful and considered to be interesting when the team members work together. The persistence and optimism are quite the shining points on him.

CHEN XINAN, or Nancy Chan, is manager of our team as well as a junior majoring Mathematics. She loves Sciences but unfortunately understanding them has always been a tough problem for her. She can undoubtedly be described as an interesting and humorous girl. You just never get bored with her around. Anyone can tell that she ‘hates’ our captain because, as she said, they are not in the same dimensionality. LOL! Nancy develops a lot of hobbies such as swimming, badminton, travelling, skiing, photographing, etc. But not table tennis! You will regret playing with her.

Hi! My name is Lingyuan Ji. I major in Theoretical Physics in USTC. My main contribution to the team is the molecule dynamics algorithm in BioBLESS. I always like to ask why to interesting things and try my best to figure them out. Hey, what's up there? Let's find out why XD.

Artwork Group


Qing-Chuan Cui

Min-Te Xiang

Kai-Rui Wang

Xiao-Fan Yuan

Han-Sheng Jiang


Qingchuan Cui,or Dora,is a sophomore.She loves painting,and she believes art can make people happier.She often wants to use her creativity to change the work place into a more interesting place.Sometimes,she comes up with fantastic ideas,which amuse others.

Xiang Minte is a junior in Engineering Science. He enjoys reading all kinds of books and doing some interesting circuit design. He is good at drawing icons by AI and PS. He tries his best to complete the drawing tasks required. He is optimistic and likes smiling and playing jokes. Some times his joke eases tense situation ,but not every time.

Kairui Wang, or Carry, is a sophomore in SCGY. He is only 17, so he always has some unusual ideas to the team. For example, he is sensitive about every detail in art design. Besides, he also plays well in sports. Whenever other team member wants to go out relax, he always followed.

Xiaofan Yuan, is a junior in School of Mathematical Science. She loves maths but she's not sure about that if maths loves her too. She likes making funny photos to joke with others. She thoughs teamwork make her inspired, but she HATE to argue with team leader.

Hansheng or Juile is a junior in the school of Mathematics.She loves maths and has great interest in applying maths into practice.She contributed to the project's original idea and mainly worked on the documents after that.She may seem a lit bit shy and laconic at first sight,but she is indeed a passionate girl,who enjoys communicating with others and learning new things!

Front Group


Yi-Lin Zhu

Long-Hao Wu

Zong-Xin Yang

Miao-Feng Liu

Zi-Tian Li

Han-Wen Li


Zhu Yilin, or George, a sophomore who majors in physics, takes a great interest in programming. Well, maybe neither physics nor programming does he really well in, but still passion remains in his life for getting to know about technological stuffs. Of course, there are many things that are his enjoyments, such as travelling, reading books, and writing essays to express his love to his life occasionally. In this year’s competition, his work is coding team’s wiki along with his teammates, and he is having a lot of fun in finding the beauty of programming!

Wulonghao, and you can call him Bill. This guy is a young geek OTAKU who is deeply in love with ACG and science. Maybe sounds awesome, but that is really creepy actually. When not knowing how to write the code, he will go around the room or the building even the whole house. And all what he has done or what he is dong have nothing to do with his major, Physics.

Zongxin Yang, often called St. Yang, who comes from School of Information Science and Technology, USTC, has just entered sophomore year in this semester. His frankness and easy-going make him quite welcome in our team. Also, he is a crazy fan of football and chess. It is worth mentioning that he is one of the members of school football team. His hometown lies in the north of Guilin, which is famous as one of China's most picturesque cities. In our project, he has undertaken mainly the front-end code, and proves to be hard-working.

Liu Miaofeng, is a sophomore student from USTC. He helps the team for the editor of wiki. He is interested in programming and DIY something useful, for example, he participated the robot competition. Besides, he is friendly to others, but he may be a little shy. So you could try to communicate with him and enjoy the conversation.

LI Zitian, is a junior in Physics and Computer Science and Technology.He has a great interest in computer programming. For example, he is skilled in C, C++, Java, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and so on. He has wrote several websites because of the interests during the school life, so he is experienced in Front-end web develop. What's more, he is also interested in biology. For the reasons given above, he wants to join the team USTC-Software.

Henry, or Li Hanwen, was a freshman in electrical engineering. He works in front-end group and makes the wiki. He is so zhuangbility that he knows a lot about computer technology cursorily but not profoundly. He loves table tennis and singing. He has an ambition to be a bass and have a low-frequency voice.

Backend Group


Zhang Hao

Si-Yuan Zhuang

Tian-Yi Cui

Yan-Xuan Cui

Run-Ze Wang


Zhang Hao, or Trumpet, is a sophomore in Physics. YES, his English name is Trumpet, because his Chinese name has the similar sound with the trumpet.he loves cats, and he is simply the most artless person in the whole team. Sometimes, He even labels himself as a 'cat'.

Si-Yuan Zhuang, majoring in Computer Science, having mastery of programming and bug-fixing, contributes a lot to improving the quality of the code and designing the cache system. He often has fun with others (e.g. hacking Zhang Hao's server). Though once a platform developed by him for our software was deprecated, he did not feel depressed.

Tianyi Cui, known as little Cui, is the leader of the backend of our project. He has a bad eyesight but he seldom take his glasses. He is an outcome boy in the team, always filling with novel ideas in his mind. He could play a little ping-pong ball but he never wins Zhi Li.

Cui Yanxuan, or E-Neo (His screen name) is a jonior majoring in Geophysics (seems nothing to do with biology?). He is interested in computer and crazy about opensource software. He is a memeber of the backend group. After join the team, he spent a lot of time to learn about sythetic biology. Besides, he loves playing games with other teamates.

Instructors & Advisors

Liu Hanyan Liang Zhi Hong Jiong Jin Fan

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No.96, Jinzhai Road, Hefei, Anhui, P.R.China
USTC-Software 2015

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