The AlumniGEM mentorship program provides a means for high school and collegiate iGEM teams to learn how the iGEM competition works and for iGEM alumni to refine communication, leadership, and mentoring skills. We are running a pilot program and will use what we learn this year to make the program even better in the future!

Six iGEM teams will be selected, and two mentors will be chosen for each team from a pool of applicants. Each group of teams and mentors will be assigned to one program coordinator, who will help mentors and team members interact.

As iGEM alumni, we've had our share of less-than-ideal experiences such as summer projects being too ambitious to finish, BioBrick parts not working (or even going into plasmids backwards!), and team wikis being unfinished until the very last second. iGEM is all about working together to make biology fun and easy to engineer, and we hope that this new mentorship program will bring teams and alumni together so everyone can meet their goals for iGEM 2015.

The First Round of Applications for Teams and Mentors are Due by June 19, 2015

For the team application, click here:


For the mentor application, click here:

Be a part of this amazing program!