Giant Jamboree/Accommodation


The Sheraton room block is now completely full. Please see below for additional accommodations in the area.

Looking for a place to stay during the Giant Jamboree?

The Sheraton Boston is connected directly to the Hynes Convention Center!

More information can be found on the reservation website.

Sheraton Boston

39 Dalton Street
Boston MA 02115

  • Room Prices
    • $259 USD - single/double
    • $279 USD - triple
    • $299 USD - quad

  • Phone - 888-627-7054
  • Booking Code - igem15
  • Booking Deadline - August 26

Booking link


Booking Details

  • If you wish to book a room outside of the Jamboree dates (September 24 to September 28), please contact the hotel directly as the reservation website may result in an error message.
  • The details on this page are for information purposes only. To book your hotel, call or click on the hotel links provided above.
  • Room rates listed above are per room per night, at the indicated occupancy level. E.g. triple occupancy for $279 per night is equal to $93 per person per night.
  • Room rates do not include tax.
  • If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact iGEM Headquarters or the any of the hotels listed above
  • Single rooms and double rooms have only one bed. Triple and quadruple rooms have two beds.

Hotels around the area

Here is a list of other hotels within a 10 minute walk from the Hynes Convention Center. They are listed roughly in order of proximity:

Other accommodations

Here are some non-hotel accommodations in the area.