Giant Jamboree/Unconference rooms

Unconference Rooms

This year, we are introducing unconference rooms at the Giant Jamboree! These rooms can be used by teams as ad hoc meeting spaces.

There will be three rooms (201, 202, 203) available for use. The sign-up sheet for both rooms will be located at the iGEM HQ table on the second floor of the Hynes during the Giant Jamboree. Teams cannot sign up for space before the Jamboree, and will need to stop by the table to sign-up on-site during the Jamboree.

The rooms will be open from 9:00AM-12:30PM and again from 2:00PM-5:30PM on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Teams may only sign up for a total of 2 (two) 30-minute sessions to keep the rooms as open as possible for everyone to use. There will not be any A/V equipment in the rooms, but there will be tables and chairs set up so you can use the space for informal meetings, etc.