Team:Carnegie Mellon/Attributions


People who deserve the scientific equivalent of an Oscar.


Niteesh Sundaram
modeling // fluorometer & luminometer
Dominique Maccalla
estrogen sensor // interviews
Donna Lee
interlab // bioluminescence // interviews // parts registry
Michelle Yu
interlab // bioluminescence // interviews
Kenneth Li
protein purification
Wei Mon Lu
estrogen sensor // wiki design // poster design // presentation design
William Casazza
modeling // protein purification // interviews
Max Telmer
protein purification // 3D printing // interviews
Jordan Tick
fluorometer & luminometer // wiki troubleshooting
Ruchi Asthana
interlab // bioluminescence // wiki support

Faculty & Advisors

Dr. Cheryl Telmer
main advisor // lab support // organizer // helped develop protocols // troubleshooting
Dr. Natasa Miskov-Zivanov
modeling // advice
Dr. Marcel Bruchez
provided lab space // advice // provided funding
Dr. Diana Marculescu
reviewed applications // provided funding
Dr. Annette Jacobson
provided funding
Dr. Nathan Urban
provided funding
Dr. Jason Lohmueller
University of Pittsburgh collaboration // advice
Dr. Yi Wang
made competent cells // advice
Taylor Canady
Matha Naganbabu
Dr. Christopher Bettinger
Christopher Szent-Gyorgyi
interview // provided coelenterazine // advice
Dr. Andre Samuel
outreach with The Citizen’s Science Lab
Dr. Ming Zhang
lab support
David Casillas
funds management
Carol Lee
Donna Smith
general office support
Dr. Fred Lanni
flourometer optics & design
Dr. Chris Szent-Gyorgyi
interview // advice // provided coelenterazine
Dr. John Woolford