Cornell iGEM

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Fish tag Component

This is a model of the fish tag component of fishPHARM. As shown, the thick end of fishBIT is a hollow tube. This is the same end that hooks into the fish when each fish is tagged, making it an ideal drug delivery pathway for flavocide.


This is a model of the full drylab component, called the fishBIT, complete with a transparent silicone-based tube on the back to contain flavocide peptide treatment and allow the user to easily gauge how much flavocide is left in the fishBIT system.

flavocide in fishBIT

Finally, we present a model of the entire fishPHARM system, in which flavocide has been loaded into the fishBIT and is ready to help a fish fight off coldwater disease. The flavocide has two major components: 1) Our EcnB peptide, shown in green, suspended in 2) a biodegradable polymer gel. EcnB is incredibly toxic to the causative agent of BCWD, F. psychrophilum, yet completely harmless to the human body since it is actually found in the human gut genome.

*The models of each component were made utilizing both Solidworks and Autodesk Maya.
Models were shaded, lit, animated, and rendered using Autodesk Maya.

B07 Weill Hall, Ithaca, NY