Special thanks to our supervisors, without whom, this project would not have been possible

PhD student Elliott Chapman: For spending his time supervising in the lab and organising team presentation training.

Dr. David Clarke: For providing assistance in the design and execution of lab experiments.

Professor Chris French: Whose previous research on biosensors was the basis for our project, and for providing experimental design input.

Dr. Louise Horsfall: For being a full-time supervisor who always steered us in the right direction, providing input and provision of lab materials.

Dr. Jon Marles-Wright: For being a full-time supervisor who constantly provided inspiration, input, team support, lab space and materials.

Thanks also to our advisors:

Dr. Jane Calvert: For providing feedback on our human practices content and activities.

Professor Alistair Elfick: For providing feedback on experiments, presentations and poster.

PhD student Laura Tuck: For providing assistance in the lab.

Dr. Baojun Wang: For providing input on the biological approach behind our project.

Dr. Valentin Zulkower: For offering assistance and input on the modeling of our biosensor.

Special Thanks to:

Luca Barone: For designing our project's logo.

Hamish Linhen, Aimée Fletcher: For providing us with beautiful photographs of Edinburgh.

Constantine Talalaev: For providing help and material in the Edinburgh university FabLab for laser cutting and 3D printing.

If they did all of that, what did we do?

Patrick Arant who spearheaded the policy and practices as well as assisting on the wiki.

Andreea Cucu who designed the wiki as well as patiently taught everyone how to put up content.

Ivana Lapsanska who played key roles in both the characterisation of parts and policy and practices.

Michelle Marufu who was instrumental in the design and execution of characterisation of parts.

Vicky Moynihan who provided valuable input for the policy and practices as well as assisting with InterLab measurements and general molecular biology.

Aseem Narang who modeled and designed the physical device as well as its software.

Liusaidh Owen who played a fundamental role in the design and creation of the 71 biobricks as well as being in charge of the InterLab study.

Dominika Pelegrinova was able to step in anywhere in the molecular biology where required and worked on making cell lysates for our enzyme characterisation.

Brooke Rothschild-Mancinelli who designed and created the 71 biobricks and assisted in the InterLab study.