Team:KAIT Japan/Attributions


Here we will attribute work done by us and work done by others. We did all laboratory work and human practice activity, but there were a lot of cooperation, advise about project, technical supports, create team logo…….
We showed the work done by others below and expressed our thanks to the cooperation and sponsors.

we'd like to thank each and every one of you.
If we didn't these support, we couldn't act vigorously.


Yemeno jitsugen project is an association of KAIT help student academic activities. They provide us funds. THOMEI SCIENCE Co.,ltd, COSMO BIO co,, ltd, also supported our budget. Leave a nest Co.,ltd, Promega KK, supplied reagents. Integrated DNA Technology, Inc, MEDICAL & BIOLOGICAL LABORATORIES CO., LTD are iGEM official sponsor. They provided us synthesized oligonucleotide. We would like to say to all our sponsors.

  • Kanagawa institute of technology

  • Yumeno jitsugen project

  • Leave a nest Co., ltd.

  • Promega KK


  • COSMO BIO co., ltd.

  • Integrated DNA Technologies, lnc.


  • ----Supporters----

  • General support

  • Iida Lab
    Basic help and advice for our experiment.
    Thank you for your general support

  • Technical support
  • Mr.Yuki Shiraishi.
    He is an alumni of iGEM.He supported us about our project.

    Mr.Shun Tokioka.
    He is a over graduate student at iida lab, taught us methods of DNA sequencing.

    Mr.Minoru Adachi.
    He is a over graduate student at iida lab, taught us methods of Confocal microscope and protein pulification.

    Ms.Chiemi Kasamatsu.
    She is a 4th grade student at iida lab, taught us methods of SDS-PAGE.

    Thank you for your technical supports.

  • Human practice support

  • Naohisa Shimoguhi
    He is a high school teacher.He told us very useful information about high school education.
    Thank you very much.

  • Design support

  • Ms.Miori Sano, designed our team’s logo.
    Thank you for a great team logo!!

    -----Thank you! All KAIT_ JAPAN iGEMer!-----