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Human Practice

-Survey on Education of biotechnology and safety in Japanese high school-

Our project, controlling protein activity, will contribute to development of synthetic biology. For more developing synthetic biology, education will be more important, so we chose education as our human practice topic.

See Fig.1.This figure show the increasing number of igem high school teams. However, as you can see, there is no Japanese team. This thing made us focus on high school education.

We gave a presentation and poster session about biotechnology, safety of biotechnology, synthetic biology, and iGEM, for high school students and teachers.

And we investigated about impression of biotechnology and education on safety of biology in high school. (see our questionnaire form )Fig. 2, 3 show our survey results.(see our survey results form)

       Fig.2 impression of blotechnology

Fig.2 shows how they had impression of biotechnology before our presentation, posters session, and how their impression changed after our presentation, posters session. "Good" means "safety", "easy for general public to understand", "contribute human in future", "information disclosure"…."Bad" means "danger", "difficult", and "information is not clear "….

A 46% of people had bad impression, a 24% of people had good impression, the rest was neither. However, after our presentation and poster sessions, the impression people have on biotechnology was better. A 54% of people had good impression, a 19% of people had bad impression, the rest was neither. From this result, people have bad impression on biotechnology, because people do not know what it is exactly. When people know about safety, advantage, fun of biotechnology by education, the impression become better.

Fig.3 shows what rate does people get an education on safety of biotechnology in school. A 24% of people answered "Yes", a 76% of people answered "No". Most of people do not get education on safety of biotechnology. We asked people who answered "Yes" about the content of education. The content of education that they got was "just a little", "very short time", " only in text book". The education was not enough for them to understand safety of biotechnology. From this result, most of people do not get an education on safety of biotechnology in school. Even though people get an education, the education is not enough.

From our survey results, we concluded that people have much bad impression on biotechnology than necessary, because they don't get enough education to understand biotechnology and safety. The impression can change by education. Education is very important for people to judge whether a technology is good or bad.


-Human practice demonstration to solve problem of Japanese education on biotechnology and the safety-

Now we know that Japanese high school students don't give an enough education on biotechnology and the safety. However, why don't Japanese high school students get an enough education? To get an answer to the question, we interviewed a high school teacher, Naohisa Shimoguchi, a science teacher of Komyo high school. We got two answers.

First reason is that teachers don't know well about biotechnology and the safety. Because biotechnology is new technology, teachers didn't learn at their university, and they don't have enough knowledge of biotechnology to teach students.

Second reason is that there is not enough time in educational curriculum. If teacher want to teach his students about biotechnology and the safety, he can't give enough education to his students. This is also the reason that many students who get an education on biotechnology and safety told us that but they didn't enough in our survey.

We made a great textbook on biotechnology and the safety to solve this problem. This text book is about biotechnology and the safety of GMF (Genetically Modified Foods). We chose GMF as a topic of this book.

According to our survey, many people concerned about GMF. Actually, what we have to concern about is GMF, because food is the most important thing in our life. That's why we chosen GMS as a topic.

This text book make it possible to get enough knowledge of biotechnology and the safety in short time.

“Text of GMF KAIT_Japan 2015” (Japanese)

This text is briefly, short, but it has a very clear point. Teachers can use this text book in classrooms. Students can use text book to study by their selves.

"Cloning Map"
Through our survey, we thought that it was hard for high school iGEMers to understand how to cloning parts.So we also created cloning maps.This map show how to make your parts.This is very useful for high school iGEMers to know how to get clone. We hope that synthetic biology becomes popular in Japnan, and Japanese high school iGEM teams is increasing in future.

"Cloning map KAIT_Japan 2015"