Team:NYU Shanghai/Members


Ann Fan Yang


Interested in pursuing a medical degree and exploring the frontiers of the biological-technological interface. Class of 2017.

Christina Salendu Erwin


Interested in pursuing a medical degree and uncovering the mysteries of the brain and mental health. Class of 2017.

Zhang Zhan


Passionate about creating things and the aesthetic pursuit. He is OK with being poor as long he is making Art. Class of 2017.

Xiangci Li


Generally interested in all things science and technology. He is particularly intrigued by the future of computer science, neuroscience, and robots. Class of 2017.

Reida Abureida Akam


A neuroscience major who is not impressed with the amount of uncertainty that is inherent in the neuroscience field. She would like to help change that. Class of 2017.

Han Su


Enjoys technology and performing magic tricks. He hopes to be part of the next big thing in the tech industry, and have fun while doing so. Class of 2018.

Jinyu Zhu


Hopes to understand our world a little more through physics. Also enjoys the interactive media arts. Class of 2017.

Spencer Smith


He is a neuroscience major who is taking a lot of courses not related to his major. He finds a lot of things interesting. Class of 2018.

Rachel Chen Loeff


Is interested in entering the field of pharmacy and drugs. Class of 2018.

Lina Jin


Lina is the best laboratory technician ever. She also enjoys growing plants.

Bruno Kruse


Is a VJ / interaction designer / digital artist / game developer from New York. Born in GERAIS, BRAZIL. Not the USA.

Wenshu Li


Her research interests are cancer biology and stem cell biology, focusing on the mechanism of tumorigenesis and metastasis, the molecular pathways that control the self-renewal, and proliferation of cells. She also scolds us when we don't clean-up properly.

Jungseog Kang


He studies how mitotic checkpoint pathway ensures faithful chromosome segregation in higher eukaryotes and tries to build quantitative models of mitotic process by which therapeutic intervention of cancers can be probed.