Team:NYU Shanghai/Parts


We’ve created three different types of colored E. Coli.


Pigmented compounds that absorb and reflect visible light.

Fluorescent Proteins

Pigmented compounds that absorb UV light and emit visible light.

Luciferase Enzymes

Catalyzes conversion of luciferin to oxyluciferin. Energy is released in the form of the light.


We created constructs to express 3 different colors of chromoproteins: blue, lime, and yellow. These were taken from the registry, created in 2010 by the Cambridge iGEM team.

BBa_K880005 promoter/rbs
BBa_K081005 promoter/rbs
BBa_K1333315 pBAD with araC
BBa_K592009 amilCP Blue
BBa_K1467201 Golden Gate compatible amilCP blue
BBa_K1033910 fwYellow Chromoprotein
BBa_K1033916 amajLime yellow-green chromoprotein
BBa_B0024 terminator
BBa_B0011 terminator

XJTLU team used the T7 promoter in a bl21 E. Coli. This produced good blue and yellow color in our lab.

Fluorescent Proteins

We utilized generators to express 2 different colors of fluorescent proteins: RFP and GFP. These parts from the registry.

BBa_J04450 RFP
BBa_J04451 RFP
BBa_KI13600 CFP
BBa_KE0040 GFP

We utilized generators to express 4 different bioluminescent colors: red, green, yellow, and orange.

BBa_K325219 Red Firefly Luciferase and LRE (under pBAD)
BBa_K325209 Green Firefly Luciferase and LRE (under pBAD)
BBa_K325259 Yellow Firefly Luciferase (under pBAD)
BBa_K325218 Orange Firefly Luciferase (under pBAD)
BBa_K1486022 Renilla Luciferase
BBa_K325108 EPIC Firefly Luciferase (under pBAD)
Oscillating Luciferase

To create a natural beat generator, we created a light oscillating system. Unfortunately, the time scale was far too long for any practical beat generator (hypothetical 40min per beat). See Fudan 2012 Biowave for more information.