Our Team

Prof. Tiangang Liu (Team Instructor)

Research Interest: Synthetic biology, metabolic engineering, novel biofuel and bio-pharmaceuticals.

Lab website:

Dr. Yi Liu (Team advisor)

Dr. Yi Liu is a postdoc fellow in Group Liu and acts as our team advisor this year. She meets and have discussion with us every week, leading us to brainstorm when we encounter technical problems. On September Dr. Yi Liu will attend the Giant Jamboree together with us on September.

Da Di

Da Di is a senior student majoring in Bio-pharmaceuticals. He drafted the overall project plan and was responsible for genetic manipulation and modelling part of the project. Besides, Da Di completed the part assembly and participated in protein purification.

Yunfei Dai

Yunfei Dai is a senior student majoring in Pharmaceutical Sciences. He was responsible for protein purification and measurement during the project. In addition, he also made documentation of the project, processed the raw data produced during experiments, and completed wiki design.

Haoxiang Qi

Haoxiang Qi is a sophomore majoring in Graphic Design. He designed our team banner as well as the poster.