<!DOCTYPE html> Yale iGem 2015: Collaborations


Beginning Research in Non-Model Microbes with Concordia University iGEM, Cornell University iGEM, Northeastern University iGEM, University of British Columbia iGEM, University of La Verne iGEM, and Utah State University iGEM

Over the past few years, iGEM has increasingly centered around non-model microorganisms—organisms which are less well-characterized and have fewer resources for genetic manipulation than the model E. coli and S. cerevisiae. Despite a prevalence of non-model organisms in iGEM competition projects and the potential impact which these projects may have, few resources exist for teams hoping to initiate research in non-model strains.

The 2015 Yale University iGEM team has collaborated with several other teams working in non-model strains to design a set of considerations for future iGEM teams in order to reduce the barrier to entry into non-model organisms. We synthesized the experiences of other teams into a handout, which has been made available on our team wiki and will be available at out poster at the Jamboree.

2015 Non-Model Organism Handout!