Tracks/Measurement/InterLab Protocol

Every team participating in the 2015 InterLab study needs to fill out the Protocol Form (click on the button below). This form is meant to collect information about the protocol you followed. You will enter your measurement data in the Worksheet Form.

Important Note: This is a Google form. If you cannot access this form, please email traci AT igem DOT org and we will send you a PDF and Microsoft Word document of this form that you can fill out and submit via email instead.

Protocol Form

Printable Protocol Sheet

To make it easier for you while you work in the lab, we have created a PDF version of the protocol that you can print out and follow: InterLab Protocol. This is a shortened version of the Protocol Form above and only includes the steps for the experimental protocol that we're asking teams to follow. This is meant to be printed out and put into your notebook. You still need to fill out the Protocol Form above when you submit your data to us for the InterLab Study.