iGEM Amsterdam 2015

Team Attributions

Nothing is ever accomplished alone. Here would like to briefly thank all of the people who helped make our iGEM endeavor a success.

From the UvA

SILS Department of Molecular Microbial Physiology The Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences (SILS) is the institute in which our iGEM team conducted the majority of our research, specifically within the Molecular Microbial Physiology. We are very grateful for them agreeing to host our team for the summer months during our project. We are also grateful for the expertise of the professionals in the lab who would aid us with trivial problems that we had.

Prof. Klaas Hellingwerf was the group leader of the Department we worked in. We are very thankful for him allowing us to work in his department. We are also very thankful for the great advice he gave us regarding our project theme and its potential shortcomings.

Photanol for inspiration in respect to future industrial applications of our work. We shared a lab with this start-up company and they were nothing but excellent neighbours, helping us learn our way around the lab and handing out excellent pointers on our lab technique

Lab of Filipe Branco dos Santos We worked primarily within the lab of Filipe Branco dos Santos, whose additional members also offered us support around the lab.

Phillip Savakis for great advice and encouraging us to follow through with his work

From the VU

Lab of Bas Teusinkfor hosting our iGEM team member working on the emulsion protocol

Frank Bruggeman who had the overall task of coordinating the supervision of part of the modelling activities

Willi Gottstein for the daily supervision of Tamar and the help, encouraging words and constructive criticism of her constraint-based modeling work.

Brett for ensuring a smooth implementation of all computational tools, or was he not the mastermind behind the fully open-source modelling software platform.

Herwig Bachmann who invented the yield selection protocol in chemoheterotrophs and here so enthusiastically encouraged us to extended it, generously sharing with us all his accumulated experience working with droplets.

Vera Benavente for always being there making sure all that was needed was available at the Teusink Group.

Marc Hanemaaijer and Lucas Patti for technical assistance in practical issues regarding how to best culture phototrophs in emulsions.