Team:Amsterdam/Medal fulfilment

iGEM Amsterdam 2015


Great summer? Check.

The overview

We didn't do it for the medal (but it would be nice to get one)


  • Registered our team

  • Completed the judging form

  • Created a team wiki

  • Presented our poster and talk at the jamboree

  • Attributed everyone who helped us

  • Document and submitted new parts


  • Experimentally validated and documented another new biobrick

  • Submitted this new biobrick to the registry: check

  • Investigated social and sustainability implications of our project in techno-moral vignettes


  • Demonstrated extensive and innovative human practices efforts in our collaboration with Synenergene

  • Collaborated with TU delft to describe a novel application based on combining our projects in the form of a bio-composite leaf using 3D-printed biofilm-based consortia

  • Demonstrated a functional prototype of our project by co-culturing Synechocystis and E. coli strains together and detecting meso-butanediol produced via a three-step back-and-forth process.