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Our team is made up of engineers first. Biologists and students of medicine complete us. We were brought together by the Georgiev Lab whose engineering and innovation philosophy set the bar for all ideas and activities. We strive to make synthetic biology more comprehensible and bearable to engineers. This is the first iGEM team from the Czech Republic, hence the name. In a country where synthetic biology still lacks footing, we are outsiders in all of our respective departments. This brings us close together to a single lab from multiple corners of our country. In the months of hard work on the IOD band, our own band of friends and lab geeks emerged.



The team includes a mix of complementary expertise. In the end the work was naturally split between the members. It goes without saying that these wiki pages are primarily the work of all team members with constant language corrections and comments on content clarity coming from the advisors and instructors. The advisors kept the work on track and helped answer the tough questions. They also checked wiki pages related to their field of expertise. The instructors were closely involved keeping the message clear and the team on track to reaching the goals. The external help was indispensable providing advice on medical topics where team expertise was lacking.



It's important to have friends. We became friends with team Chalmers-Gothenburg during our iGEM collaboration. Thankfully we are not in the same track :)



This projects had sponsors, otherwise we would have no DNA, no supplies, no Distribution kit, and no tickets to the GIANT JAMBOREE! Take a look which organizations supported us.

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