Duke iGEM 2015 is grateful for the support we have received from Duke University’s staff, faculty and donors for continuing to allow us the opportunity to explore synthetic biology and the issues that go into it. We appreciate all the help we’ve received and could not have done it without you. Thank you for all your support and advice.

Faculty (Alphabetically)

  • Dr. Chase Beisel (North Carolina State University): Giving insight and project ideas on dCas9 circuiting and decoy binding site design.
  • Dr. Nicolas Buchler: For advising us on project options, sponsoring our Bass Connections project and student-taught course, and for allowing Duke iGEM to use Buchler Lab space
  • Dr. Charles Gersbach: For advising us on project design and lab technique, sponsoring our Bass Connections project and student-taught course as well as offering insights into the uses of Cas9 protein technologies.
  • Dr. Mike Lynch: For advising on early dCas9 circuit design prototyping and idea formation.
  • Dr. Lingchong You: For providing insights on antibiotic resistance and providing BBa_K#####, the E Lysis gene.

Funding Support:

  • Bass Connections
  • The continued support of The Cameron Hayden Lord Foundation.

Lab Support:

  • The Biomedical Engineering Teaching Lab staff: For providing dedicated lab space and technical support.
  • The Buchler Lab: For use of lab space and equipment as well as wet lab troubleshooting aid. For facilitating the procurement of lab equipment and disposables.
  • The Gersbach Lab: For providing troubleshooting aid and advice.


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