Team:Utah State/Standards

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Medal Criteria

Our quest for Gold.

Bronze Medal Requirements

  • Registered (completed)
  • Judging Form (completed)
  • Team wiki (completed, you're on it now...)
  • Present and Talk (completed-ish, at the Jamboree!)
  • Attribution page for those who helped make this happen (completed)
  • Document one new part, here are several options: BBa_K1820001, BBa_K1820003, BBa_K1820020, BBa_K1820021, BBa_K1820022
  • Silver Medal Requirements

  • Show one new BioBrick works, take a look at these: BBa_K1820014, BBa_K1820017
  • Submit part (completed) Check out our parts page!
  • Identify, investigate, and address human practices issues. Read up on our thoughts and actions on human practices.
  • Gold Medal Requirements

  • Expand upon silver medal Human Practices activity. See how a meeting with an industry professional changed the course our project here.
  • Demonstrate an innovative Human Practices activity. We made an awesome videoto help kickstart a generation of scientists to explain their craft at a fundamental level to the public.
  • Collaborate with other teams. We worked with Yale and Stanford to help improve each other's projects.
  • Improve characterization of previously existing part (BBa_K1033221) by showing expression of different proteins with BBa_K1820015 and BBa_K1820018, or characterizing BBa_K1033225 with BBa_K1820016 and BBa_K1820019.