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Attributions - TAS Taipei iGEM Wiki


  • All lab work was completed at Taipei American School Sandy R. Puckett Memorial Research Laboratory by team members of the 2015 TAS_Taipei iGEM team unless otherwise stated.

  • National Yang Ming University – NYMU_Taipei team (click to see collaboration page)
    • Specifically Dr. Chuan-Hsiung Chang, Dr. Jane Chang, and Michael Tsai for their general help on our project and presentation

  • Tri-I Biotech Incorporated (Link)
    • Sequencing of devices
    • Creation of primers

  • Mission Biotech (Link)
    • P site removal for ACT gene
    • 3 Amino Acid mutation for ACT to ACT3m conversion

  • Sino Biological Incorporated (Link)
    • ACT cDNA clones

  • Dr. Phillip I. Bird – GzmB researcher at Monash University
    • Advice dealing with the effect of inhibiting Granzyme B on the immune system

  • Dr. Stephanie Hsieh – Medical doctor, formerly from Kaoshiung Medical University Hospital
    • Causes, problems of inflammation, current treatments and advice on our prototype

  • Dr. Sarah R. Carter – Former White House policy analyst, current JCVI policy analyst
    • Advice on making biopharmaceuticals available to a wider range of people

  • People involved in our bioethics panel
    • Dr. Nathaniel Smith
    • Dr. Ivonne Vidal Pizarro
    • Dr. Annemarie Costello
    • Mr. Steve Anderson
    • Mr. Peter Kimball
    • Mr. Richard Brundage

We would also like to thank the following people for advice regarding our policy brief:
  • Dr. Stephen Hilgartner – Professor of Science and Technology studies at Cornell University
  • Dr. Alan Pearson – Head of NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence in Aboriginal Chronic Disease Knowledge Translation and Exchange (CREATE) of the University of Adelaide
  • Jordan Paradise J.D. – Schering-Plough Professor of Law at Seton Hall
  • Dr. Steven Benner – Distinguished Fellow at Foundation for Applied Molecular Evolution (FAME)
  • Dr. Richard Brundage – Professor of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology at the University of Minnesota

Some parts of this wiki have been derived from the 2014 TAS_Taipei wiki, which was designed entirely by the 2014 team. All other components were designed by students of the 2015 team.


A huge thank you to our collaborators and sponsors.