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Parts Submitted

Part Number Details
BBa_K1610101 pTempSens + RBS
BBa_K1610102 pTempSens + RBS + GFP + Term (GFP as TempSens reporter)
BBa_K1610103 pTempSens + RBS + ACT + Term
BBa_K1610104 pTempSens + RBS + ACT 3m + Term
BBa_K1610105 pTempSens + RBS + yebF + ACT 3m + Term (Final construct)
BBa_K1610200 ACT (no internal P sites)
BBa_K1610201 ACT 3m (three mutated amino acids)
BBa_K1610202 ACT + Term
BBa_K1610203 ACT 3m + Term
BBa_K1610300 Motor protein YebF
BBa_K1610302 J23100 + RBS + YebF + GFP + Term (Constitutively active GFP reporter)
BBa_K1610401 pDapA + RBS
BBa_K1610403 T4 Endolysin + Term
BBa_K1610404 pDapA + RBS + GFP + Term (Reporter for pDapA)
BBa_K1610405 pDapA + RBS + T4 Endo + Term (Final safety device)

Each submitted part has been properly documented on the registry - click on the part number in the table above. Specifically, in regards to judging requirements (click links to see full documentation):
  • BBa_K1610202 (link) is submitted as the new standard biobrick part. This part comprises of ACT and a terminator, and was made in order for us to create the main device. (Silver requirement)
  • We documented the charecterization of an existing part, BBa_K608351 (link). Particularly, we documented the activation temperatures and times of the TempSens promoter. (Silver requirement)
  • We experimentally validated our new device, BBa_K1610105 (link). (gold requirement)