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iGEM has always been a platform for students to collaborate and share valuable ideas. We extended the bond that National Yang Ming University (NYMU) and Taipei American School had last year and continued to provide each other with feedback and laboratory help. They have been both an excellent Advisor Team and Collaboration Team.



NYMU has been extremely supportive of our project by providing parts, education and modeling data that is critical to make our project comprehensive.

  1. We needed a protein to secrete our Granzyme B inhibitor, and we saw NYMU 2014 iGEM team used yebF as a motor protein. As a result, we reached out to the NYMU 2015 iGEM team and asked to see whether they still had yebF. They were happy to help and provided us with yebF and its sequencing results.
  2. During the summer, NYMU also helped us by hosting a iGEM summer camp, where they allowed members from the 2015 TAS iGEM team and 2016 TAS iGEM team to attend and learn. (Image on right)
  3. Finally, NYMU has been extremely supportive in our modeling efforts. They taught us how to search for literature values for our diffusion, bandage, and ACT inhibition models. Furthermore, they also helped debug our models after we completed them.


In addition to NYMU’s help on our project, we also collaborated with NYMU

  1. In return of their collaboration efforts, we provided NYMU with the LuxR part which is essential for their oscillator to function. They utilize LuxR in their oscillator to report an alternating current as a signal for the detection of a malicious spore species.
  2. In addition to providing them with the LuxR part, we were also able to help run their initial experiments for the microbial fuel cell prototype (image on right). The initial test results from their prototype helped determine the correct soil to water to bacteria ratios for optimum performance (August 2015).
  3. Last but not least, three members from TAS (Alvin, Fiona and Huiru) are members on both NYMU and TAS teams. They learned the cloning cycle from TAS and helped run experiments for NYMU during the summer. In Boston, they will also help NYMU present their project at the Giant Jamboree!