In 2015, high school teams will participate as a track within the main competition. This is an exciting change for the high school members. Not only will they be able to compete against other high schools, but will have the great experience of the Giant Jamboree. High school teams will be responsible for the same registration fees and Jamboree fees as the collegiate teams and therefore the same timeline, deadlines and attendance dates as the collegiate teams. The Giant Jamboree is from September 24 to September 28.

Previous Teams

2014 CSIA_South Korea – Grand Prize winner

The 2014 CSIA South Korea team showed excellence in their project because they were able to complete their designed construct and run comprehensive tests to show that it produced their desired effect. The testing of their designed parts really set them apart from other teams because they showed multiple ways in which their construct, designed to produce CaCO3 for biocementation, worked. They also provided and workable application for their project to show how it could be applied in reality. Combined with an easy to follow wiki, team CSIA_South Korea clearly showed the importance and validity of their very complete project

2014 CoBRA – Best Presentation

This team had the best presentation project for 2014, because of their clear presentation style and development of the importance of their research question. The students who presented the project placed a heavy emphasis on the need of their project on a local and global scale. They then proceeded logically through their project by first outlining how all of the aspects of the project (Human Practice, Business and Wet Lab) related to their research project. This presentation was persuasive and showed the importance and need of their project.

If you are brand new to iGEM and the High School track, please use the following links and information.

The High School track is encouraging teams to tackle projects across the full facet of potential Synthetic Biology applications. Previously teams were asked to choose a traditional track in which to compete with their project.?

Info for 2015 teams

Please see the following pages to help plan your 2015 experience:

  • Requirements
  • Calendar of Events
  • Fees
  • Consent forms
  • Giant Jamboree
      Please note:
    • High school team presentations will be scheduled throughout the Jamboree from Friday September 25 to Sunday September 27.
    • All presentations will be on-site; virtual participation will not be an option.
    • High School participants are invited to attend the social event at Jillian's Boston. High school team members will have access only to the dry floor (no alcohol will be served), which has bowling, dancing, and a lounge area. Snacks will be provided. We are also looking into a non-party social event option in addition to Jillian's Boston to which high school participants will also be invited.
    • All teams must register at least one person before the end of regular registration on July 31 to reserve a presentation slot for the team. For those teams that are interested, day passes to the Giant Jamboree will be available beginning August 1.

Medal Criteria

Please see the High School track medal criteria page for more information.

High School Committee members:

  • Janet Standeven
  • Jude Clapper
  • Howard Goldsweig
  • Eric Kessler
  • Laura Dress

Additional information about the high school track will be posted on this page as it becomes available. Have questions? Please contact us: hq (at) igem (dot) org!