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The 2015 Wiki and judging forms are now frozen. The wiki will be thawed after the Jamboree.

Want to know more about the Giant Jamboree?
Check out the Giant Jamboree page for more details as the event gets closer!

Current Season Highlights

Giant Jamboree registration: On-site only

Online registration is now closed. Interested attendees can register on-site in Boston. Please note: on-site registrations will not include access to refreshments or meals.

iGEM By The Numbers

Check out the new iGEM By The Numbers page for statistics on iGEM 2015 team activities, such as safety forms, Giant Jamboree registration, and submissions!

Telling Your Story

Learn about how to tell your story and improve your project's clarity on the Telling Your Story page! Topics include wiki, presentation, poster, and more.

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September 23

Poster printing

Looking to print your poster in Boston? There are two FedEx Office locations that can help:

September 19

Judging Forms Re-opened for 24 hours

We have re-opened the 2015 Judging Forms to all teams for a further 24 hours. They will be open to edits until midday EDT Sunday 20th of September. Please make any changes you need now: Judging Forms

September 18

Giant Jamboree app

iGEM 2015 Giant Jamboree has gone mobile! Schedule, maps, Twitter, alerts, more on your iPhone/Android, free! Download the app:
September 18

ZJU-China Letter about Shipping DNA from China

ZJU-China has kindly sent us a letter about shipping DNA from China, which collects the experiences of many teams. Their advice may be helpful to other teams in China.

You can always contact iGEM HQ to let us know about any shipping difficulties.

September 18

Judging Forms Due Today!

Judging Forms

The Judging forms are live and need to be completed by the wiki freeze deadline. Here is some advice to consider while filling out the form for your team:

Links: Judges will look at the Required links and Standard Pages to evaluate your team for prizes. In the medal section, you only need to add content on the pages. To be eligible for special prizes, you need to add content on the pages and also write a 150 word description. You must provide the reasons to award your team the prize on the required link, but you can link off to other pages.

Dynamically Generated Wikis: If you are using a web framework that generates wiki pages dynamically, the judging form will not be able to read your Standard Pages correctly and your work may not be evaluated by the judges. You must put content on the static URLs specified by the judging form.

Deadline: Judging forms are due Friday the 18th of September at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Link: Judging forms

September 15

Upcoming deadlines - Friday September 18

Teams, you're almost at the finish line! Be sure to keep an eye on the Calendar of Events, as several items are due this Friday September 18:

September 14

Giant Jamboree booklet online

The Giant Jamboree event booklet is now available online! It includes schedules, titles and abstracts, workshop descriptions, the Jamboree handbook, and more! You can view or download it here.

September 11 Server Upgraded

Today at 10:30AM U.S. Eastern time (2:30pm UTC), the web site was upgraded and moved to a new server. If you experience any new problems, please tell us (email hq AT igem DOT org).

Do you have CSS or JavaScript code on wiki pages whose titles end in .css or .js, or another file extension? Are these pages failing to load? Try moving the code to a new page whose title doesn't have .css or .js. (Note: this should not apply to uploaded files, such as images or PDFs.)

September 9 Server Upgrade - Friday 10:00 AM Boston Time (2-2:30pm UTC)

The web site will be unavailable from 10:00 to 10:30 AM Boston time (2-2:30pm UTC) Friday, September 11 to move it to a new server and to upgrade it to a new version of MediaWiki.

We are making this change so that our servers can do a better job of handling the extra load before the wiki freeze. Please remember that even with this extra capacity, you may find intolerable performance if you wait until the last minutes or hours. Do not wait until the last minute to work on your wiki!

This change also upgrades the site from MediaWiki version 1.16 to version 1.24. Please let us know if this change causes any problems (email hq AT igem DOT org).

Finally, we have corrected several security problems. In particular, only members of a team will be allowed to edit wiki pages belonging to that team.

September 4

Upcoming deadlines - September 11

September 11 is the upcoming deadline for late Giant Jamboree registration, as well as team rosters!

After September 11, registration for the Giant Jamboree will be limited to on-site registration in Boston. Please note that on-site registrations will not include access to refreshments or meals; only online registrations will include access to refreshments or meals.

Team rosters are also due September 11. Team members will need to be listed on the official team roster as an approved team member in order to receive a participation certificate. High school teams will need to submit a hard copy of their participant consent form in order to be approved. More information can be found on the team roster page.

September 4

Giant Jamboree Schedule

We are happy to announce that the Jamboree detailed schedule is now available earlier than expected. See the entire schedule of events on the Giant Jamboree schedule page!

September 4

Giant Jamboree Special Events

Check out our updated Special Events page for the Giant Jamboree. With over 30 Special Events scheduled for the weekend, we hope there will be something for everyone!

September 3

Guidelines and Advice for Presentations and Posters

The Giant Jamboree is coming up fast!! Be sure to check out our Presentation and Poster Guideline pages! These pages include critical information, such as the presentation length and poster size, as well as general iGEM Guidelines for both.

Teams should also look at the Telling Your Story page for advice about presenting your projects on your team Wiki, as well as some general advice for your Presentations and Posters.


Community Highlights

Send us your team videos, games and items you would like to share with the iGEM community

iGEM PenPal

The 2015 William and Mary team has started a new iGEM PenPal program! Join today! More information here.

iGEM Matchmaker

The 2015 NTNU_Trondheim team has updated the iGEM Matchmaker tool originally developed by their 2012 team! More information here.

Team Seeker and BioBrick Seeker

The 2015 Aalto-Helsinki team has updated the Team Seeker and BioBrick Seeker tools developed by their 2014 team! More information here.