Teamwork occurs when diverse abilities and insights join together to work towards a common goal. Therefore, students of different age, gender and field of study came together to found our team in Aachen. During the project we not only had the chance to learn from each other, but also to excel ourselves. So all in all with joint forces and collective creativity, we will create something special in order to make our contribution to synthetic biology.




This project would not have been possible without the generous help and advice from many great people and organizations. We thank all the partners listed below for their essential contributions and financial support that covered registration fees, laboratory materials and expenses for services and materials.

Special Thanks

We want to express special appreciation for the team of Synbiota. They were very kind to support us by including us in their beta testing program and were relaxed about all the modifications that we did to their protocols.

Another special thanks goes to Prof. Sheng Yang and his team who provided us with their pCas plasmid.


Great projects do not only depend on solid funding, but even more on the invaluable support by great people. We would like to thank all the great people for letting us use their lab, providing laboratory equipment and supporting our project in other ways.


  • Gisela Beissel, beeing there with advice and support
  • Monika Brehm, Anette Schreer beeing the good fairy and preparing lab material
  • Dr. Hans-Peter Buchkremer, Dr. Martin Finsterbusch, Dr. Frank Tietz for the contact to sunfire and feedback on our project
  • Dr. Johannes Felix Buyel, for helpful feedback regarding initial project ideas
  • Dr. Ulrich Commandeur, providing lab space and material
  • Henrik Cordes, for his feedback on our project
  • Christina Dickmeis, Karolin Richter, Juliane Röder for general lab support
  • Dr. Tamara Dworeck, Dr.Nicole Maaßen for coordination of practical course lab
  • Prof. Dr. Frank Eiden, Juniorprof.Dr.Julia Frunzke giving an interview at Symposium
  • M.Sc. Alexander Richard Grimm, for general scientific support
  • Dr. Stefanie Hamer, giving us competent cells of E. coli T7 Shuffle Express (DE3)
  • Claudia Hansen,Raphael Soeur providing us with Fraunhofer Applied Genomics Sequencing Service
  • Kalle Hüser, helping us with everything
  • Dr. Carin Jansen, for the contact to Storaenzo, her invitation to the summer party and joining of Technik Garage into network
  • M.Sc. ETH Jannick Kappelmann, for support and supervision for labeling experiments
  • Jay Keasling, giving an interview at Symposium and project feedback
  • Udo Kosfeld, helping us with certain electronic components and how to work with them
  • Georgette Körfer, giving the FACS introduction at Schwaneberg Lab
  • Christoph Lenzen, for general lab support
  • Dr. Jan Marienhagen, Sabrina Witthoff for scientific information about the enzymes for MCC pathway
  • Dipl. -Ing. Martina Mühlmann, for Biolector access in AVT (Institute of Bioprocess Engineering)
  • Andreas Nessel, for safety introduction and coordination of scientific work
  • Dr. Stephan Noack, for supporting the labeling experiment
  • Prof. Martina Pohl, for scientific advice
  • Dr. Anna Joelle Ruff, giving us competent cells of E. coli C43 (DE3) and explaining QuikChange
  • Prof. Dr. Jan Schirawski, providing lab space
  • Ivan Schlembach, giving the Re-introduction to Microscropy at Blank Lab
  • Dr. Stephan Schlote, supplying of DIY water bath
  • Dr.Holger Spiegel, gave us access to the 3D printing at the Fraunhofer IME
  • Jan Thar, for support concerning Lasercutter, PCB Mill and 3D printing
  • Dr. Martin Zimmermann, providing lab space and for his general support

Organization, Financing and Public

  • Biotechnologische Studenteninitiative (btS), organizing BBQ
  • M.A. Dietrich Hunold, giving access to Alumni network
  • Sebastian Dreher, for the contact to Wisam Zureik
  • Fachschaft Biowissenschaften, organizing BBQ, supplying food and for general support
  • Dr. Sonja Gieseking, for support concerning Finances & Administration
  • Angelika Hamacher, making an interview for RWTH inside
  • Marianne Heß, who was essential for travel organization and Finances
  • Nicole Klinkenberg, for communication with Prof.Dr.rer.nat.Krieg
  • Prof. Dr. Krieg, giving an interview on iGEM and funding of filmproject
  • Markus Meuresch, Elke Müller helping us with funding
  • M.A. Angela Poth, helping us with Fundraising and strategic consultancy
  • Dr. Monika Reiss, for Administration for iGEM Celebration and release of practical course documents
  • Andreas Saußen, helping with the interview with Prof.Dr.rer.nat. Krieg and video of iGEM final presentation 2014
  • Ulrike Schmitt, who was responsible for Finances at iAMB
  • Jeannette Schwerdt, helping us with donation details
  • Timur Toygar, for seminars on communication and project management
  • Dr. Hanno Zielke, for establishing contacts with students and helping with videos
  • Wisam Zureik, shooting, producing and cutting of teaser, vision and human practice video