Watch our Video to get to know more about the activities of our Community Lab project
Thanks a lot to Wisam Zureik for recording and processing the video material!


DIY biology - forward looking opportunities

Our goal is to bring together an eclectic mix of people from different backgrounds, share knowledge, spark discussions on biotechnological topics and eventually do it ourselves together.

1st Do It Together Bio, Waag Society

Aachen CL06.jpg
DIY biologists meeting in Aachen
Aachen CL11.jpg
Visiting the domicil of the Waag society in Amsterdam


Through several discussions with scientists, iGEM and several other people, we focused on three collaborations with Community Labs:

  1. Connecting Community Labs by integrating them into a network of universities and companies
  2. Inform European Community Labs about iGEM and facilitate cooperations with iGEM teams
  3. Discuss biosafety standards and compare those of Community Labs to those of Universities

To achieve all of this points, we invited the german Community Lab "Technik Garage". During their visit we could not only realize all of them, but also found a collaboraion considering our bioreactor.

When we visited the Waag society in Amsterdam, we got to know a community lab at the other end of the spectrum. This highly connected and politically committed lab focused much more on bio art and infusing open discussions about biology.