Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler

Albert Einstein

Along these lines of the great German physicist, we improved our DIY bioreactor system based on the feedback we received during our discussions at the MakerFaire and the different collaborations. Combinig the modularity of easy assembled components with a wide field of possible applications, we are aiming to spread DIY biology, from Community Labs into universities and schools.

Currently, the system includes several pumps, e.g. for harvest or aeration, stirrers and an OD analysis unit. But due to the open implementation of the control software and a plausible communication protocol, extensions are easily possible. Therefore, the only limitation is your imagination!

Aachen Reactor Overview 5.JPG
The reactor system at work
The whole system is DIY and costs less than 150 $ per reactor
Aachen Overview 6.JPG
The waterbath in detail
All reactors and tubes can be assembled sterile