Possible future in 50 years

Aachen vision good future v1.png
A desirable future

The energy price kept dropping and renewable energy became more efficient and available. Most of the fuels are sustainably produced by technical conversion to hydrocarbons, which are available in huge amounts. The biotechnology and starch based industry is based on a variety of substrates, mainly waste and glycogen produced from renewable methanol. The arable land that was previously used to grow energy crops is now renatured or used for food crops. The renaturing of area that was a former part of the bioeconomy, now binds a large amount of CO2 from the atmosphere which was essential to begin reversing global warming.

With the left over arable land and improved agriculture, we can guarantee food security without an extensive use of fertilizers. The decreased use of fertilizers reduced the pollution of rivers and oceans which led to a more stable environment.