Project Overview

Our concept
The basic concept of our work [2,3,4].

We want to establish a biotechnological production of miRNA2911 [1] in E. coli. The production shall furthermore be induced by light, for which we plan to use BioBricks from the Registry like the Cph8-EnvZ system.

After our bacteria have produced enough of the miRNA, we want them to lyse themselves after a heat-induction. We plan on using the GroEL promoter in combination with the lysis gene pezT.

After the bacteria have lysed themselves, the miRNA could in principle be extracted from the solution and applied as a drug against influenza A infections.

In the following section we will give a detailed description of the theoretical background of each component.

  1. Zhou Z, Li X, Liu J, et al. Honeysuckle-encoded atypical microRNA2911 directly targets influenza A viruses. Cell Res. 2015;25(1):39-49.

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