Our ultimate goal was to create a Biobrick enabling light-inducible miRNA2911 production and heat-inducible cell lysis for the release afterwards in one plasmid (see figure). Despite not reaching this goal so far, we completed important intermediate steps successfully heading towards it.

Two basic parts contain the miRNA and GroEL. Two composite parts contain a constitutive promoter + miRNA system (where the constitutive promoter replaces the light-inducible promoter as an intermediate step) and a GroEL + blue pigment system (where the blue pigment replaces the cell lysis protein PezT for now). Further steps would be to design a light promoter + miRNA biobrick and a GroEL + PezT Biobrick, to then combine them by 3A-Assembly for our ultimate goal.

Our concept
This figure delineates the basic steps of our ultimate goal.

Team Parts

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