Team:Paris Bettencourt/Acknowledgments


The participation of our team at the 2015 competition was made possible through the extremely generous support of the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation, which supports the team since its first appearance in the competition in 2007. This year, we also received the generous support of the Citizen Cyberlab.

Our Generous Sponsors

And Thanks also to

For the nice pictures on the front page:

Karthikeyan Chinnathamby

Lactobacillus help:

Alexandra Gruss from INRA (Jouy-en-Josas) for her Technical help on molecular biology
Filipe Branco dos Santos for his advice and provided LAB strains & plasmids
Hélène Falentin from INRA (Rennes) who gave us Propionibacteria and the associated plasmid
CIRM INRA Rennes who Sold us propionibacterium strain and gave us advices to grow it (via Marie-Noëlle Madec)
David Bikard (Synthetic Biology Lab, Institut Pasteur)who provided us a Lactobacillus plantarum wild type strain from the Pasteur collection.
Jan-Peter van Pijkeren (Department of Food Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison) for his advice on CRISPR assisted chromosomal integration in Lactobacillus.
Michiel Kleerebezem and Ingrid van Alen who gave us the integrative plasmid for lactobacillus plantarum.

Yeast and recombination help:

Pilar de la Torre and Dr Jean Marc Daran for giving us the S.cerevisiae Strains and plasmids
Héloïse Müller from the Institut Pasteur who gave us Yeast and recombination help
Zoran Marincovic for his advice, plasmids and strains

E. coli help:

Lun Cui from the Institut Pasteur for the chromosomal integration system.

General help:

Aleksandra Nivina for her Molecular biology advice
Antoine Decrulle for his help on Golden gate assembly protocol

Organizing events:

Sandra Youssef from BioFaction who organize the NightScience event.
Pierre-Yves Bourguignon, Chief Scientific Officer, Isthmus Sarl –who talked during NightScience event
Margaux Calon, the CRI coordinator
Neha Mohanpuria, who helped in organizing the Indian Apero

Multiple, marker-free chromosomal integration in bacteria (in Lactococcus lactis):

Christian Solem and Jianming Liu , National Food Institute, DTU (Denmark) who Provided plasmids

Sociology and nutrition help:

Jeremy Fouache for his Advice on designing a survey


Li Yu for her advice.


Dor Garbash who developed the awesome Rhizi and hosted an instance on his server.

SynBio Challenge:

Juan-Manuel Garcia Arcos for the organisation

DIλ spectrophotometer:

Alexey Zaytsev who built the awesome spectrophotometer.

Field Research

Sunayana Nayak, who lives in South India, and gave a lot of specific knowledge about people's dietary/cooking habits there
Mayank Tomar travelled in India and gave inputs on people's cooking habits and resources in South of India
Rajat Tyagi shared his knowledge on food habits/practices in the North India
Alice Le Boedec who went to India, gave our surveys and took samples
Shruthi Vembar who is a researcher in Institute Pasteur from South India
Hang Zhong who helped in the lab for the Vitamin B2 project
Noopur Maurya helped with Indian law related aspects

Futur en Seine event:

thanks to Camille Pène and Clementine Malgras for the chance you gave us to discuss the project with the public.

Host Laboratory

Our iGEM team is kindly hosted in the CRI (Inderdisciplinary Research Center) located in theFaculté de médecine Paris Descartes at the center of Paris. In the heart of one of Paris' biggest hospitals, the CRI hosts interdisciplinary undergraduate (LFdV), Master (AIV); devoted also to systems and synthetic biology!) as well as a PhD program (FdV). This center is directed by François Taddei and Ariel Lindner.

For the Laboratory's facilities, we are kindly hosted by the CRI/INSERM U1001 lab, that lent us benches, microscopes and others facilities. We thank all the members of the INSERM U1001 for their kind help and that they shared not only their equipment but also their experience with us. We would like to give a special thank Chantal Lotton, the lab manager, for her advices on the bench, her warm words, her organization skills, her introductions, for being there for us any time and that she ensured that we worked safely.