Team:Paris Bettencourt/Medals


  • We registered for iGEM, had a great summer and attended the Giant Jamboree.
  • We completed the judging form.
  • We made a wiki and a poster to present our project.
  • We attributed the work done by our members and acknowledged the people who helped us.
  • We documented new standard BioBrick parts and submitted them to the Registry.


  • We experimentally validated that a new BioBrick part worked as expected, and documented the characterization in the Main Page of the Registry entry.
  • We submitted this new part to the Registry.
  • Our project tries to answer a problem with synthetic biology but we also kept in mind traditions, sustainability and social aspects. They are identified and addressed in the Practices and Design pages.


  • We have integrated and investigated issues from the Human Practices into the design/execution of the project and we have demonstrated an innovative Human Practices activity that relates to the project through our events.
  • We collaborated with many teams and helped them when we could.
  • We made a functional prototype of our project and described it in the Manufacturing page.

Jamboree results

  • Gold medal
  • Nominated for Best Food and Nutrition Project
  • Nominated for Best Integrated Human Practices, Overgrad
  • Nominated for Best Presentation, Overgrad