Team:Paris Bettencourt/Press


NightScience is an annual event hold at CRI. It gathers researchers, hackers and education innovators to share their approaches and experience on building new ways to achieve better knowledge construction and transmission.

This year, NightScience focused on "Equitable Access to Scientific Research and Education" in the light of Low Cost Technologies and Frugal Innovation.

During this event, our team conducted a workshop about food, fermentation and nutrition. It was also the opportunity to showcase our project. One of our members, Prateek Garg, was interviewed and presented the workshop.

Futur en Seine

Futur en Seine is a festival featuring French and international innovation. The 2015 Paris-Bettencourt team had the chance to present its project twice.

Round table: Responsible Nutrition

During this round table, several speakers discussed solutions to produce sustainable food in the future. We were invited to participate and shared our project as a sustainable community-driven solution.