Team is successfully registered!

Judging form is completed and submitted!

Project is showcased on the iGEM wiki!

Proper list attributions!

Part:BBa_K1614002 is documented and submitted!

Part:BBa_K1614016 successfully validated and documented!

Part:BBa_K1614016 submitted to the registry!

Spread knowledge about synthetic biology in the city of Heidelberg!

Held a panel discussion which was lifestreamed and simultaniously translated into English!

Cooperated with iGEM Michigan. We calculated aptamers for their setup using our MAWS software

Improved Part:BBa_K1614019 by making it switchable via ATP!

Demonstrated a functional prototype!

Developed a software in close contact with the wetlab work!

Optimised our software until it can be run fully functional in the timeframe the demo suite offers!


  • Fast and cheap alternative to Antibodies

  • MAWS can generate specific AptaBodies against each and every protein of interest

  • Easy to design for proteins for which no antibodies are available yet

Real-time Small molecule sensing

  • Validation of our JAWS Software

  • Sensing of ATP concentrations in biochemical reactions

  • Real time monitoring of in vitro transcriptions

Cystic fibrosis

  • Functional proof of cleavage activity in vivo

  • De novo construction of a new active site in twin ribozymes

  • Proposeal of Ribozyme as therapeutic agent in Cystic fibrosis

Labelling and vizualization

  • A novel strategy using mimicking HRP DNAzyme can be used for labeling of sDNA and RNA

Modeling and Software validation

  • Fully automatable high-throughput workflow to screen aptamer and allosteric DNAzyme candidates

  • Our system is able to design aptamer candidates and give estimates for the affinity and switching behavior

  • The aptamers created by our software were experimentally proven to work

  • Establishment of a cleavage activated HRP-mimicking DNAzyme that can be applied in real life screening assays