Our survey on the public perception of Synthetic Biology suggested communicating research was a challenge

By organising workshops for school students, we increased awareness of its potential benefits for future generations

We introduced students to programming and modern microscopy techniques, taking them beyond the school syllabus

Developing hardware brings with it issues of licensing, patent and copyright

From our experience, navigating the legal jargon and complex procedures can be prohibitively time-consuming

For iGEM teams
looking to release Open Source Hardware, we have made an interactive guide to use as a starting point

The William and Mary iGEM team are using GFP in the Interlab Measurement study

The Glasgow iGEM team are using GFP and RFP to make bioluminescent bacteria

Collaboration meant confirming the expression of their fluorescent proteins while testing OpenScope's capabilities

A map of our entire wiki, in case you can't find what you're looking for

Some advice for future iGEM teams on making a wiki